Stand-Alone Software

Our stand-alone software is the ideal solution for organizations looking for an easy and secure method to add ethnicity data to existing personal client data. It doesn’t require technical expertise, and can be used by virtually anyone. It’s ideal for researchers and organizations where data is highly sensitive, and local, instant data processing is required.
Onolytics’ software is design to process everything within your computer, no data is transferred over the internet.


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    Maximum Data Privacy

    There’s no worry about transmitting sensitive data over the internet, and the possibility of unauthorized access to data is kept to a minimum. Customer data is kept securely at all times.

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    Ease of use

    Onolytics’ standalone software is simple to use, even for a novice. The interface is intuitive and simple to navigate. Results are delivered in a .csv file (compatible with Excel) and can be easily manipulated, graphed, and charted using Excel spreadsheet tools.

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    Instant Results

    With Onolytics standalone software, results are delivered instantaneously, with no uploading or downloading required, saving time. There are none of the headaches of connectivity and download issues, just seamless, easy access to your data.

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The following video explains a bit more in detail the onolytics output.