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Onolytics began as the PhD thesis of Prof. Pablo Mateos in 2004. While doing academic research on ethnic segregation in London, he found it impossible to obtain ethnicity data that accurately represented the rich cultural diversity of minority communities in the city. Census data is not granular enough to accurately represent London’s rich ethnic minorities.

Using publicly-available data sources such as administrative records and electoral registers, Prof. Mateos was able to identify unique geographical, cultural-ethnic, and linguistic patterns in names. However, automating and generalizing these associations for an entire population turned out be a daunting task, and thus became the central part of his doctoral research.

Over the ensuing years, he developed a very precise algorithm and software tools to predict the most likely ethnic origin of a person using only their rst and last names, originally termed Onomap. His software was also used by other researchers and health institutions across the world, validating his algorithm and results, with evaluations published in over 40 papers in peer reviewed journals in various disciplines across the world.

Now in use in more than 10 countries on four continents, Prof. Mateos’ work has become ubiquitous in the eld of ethnic research in both business and academia.

In 2016 the Onomap classification was further enhanced and renamed Onolytics, building on this expertise and expanding it into new areas of applications: academic research, public sector, and commercial uses. With our tools to help users understand cultural diversity in their populations, Onolytics has been able to build partnerships with some of the leading academic, public, and commercial institutions in the world.

If you want to know more about Onolytics read Prof. Mateos’ book:

  • Mateos, Pablo (2014) Names, Ethnicity, and Populations; Tracing Identity in Space
  • Springer: Heidelberg. 269 pags ISBN 978-3642454127
  • Get it in: Amazon

  • Prof. . Pablo Mateos

    Mateos, Pablo (2014) Names, Ethnicity, and Populations; Tracing Identity in Space

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