Some industries where Onolytics excels

Onolytics has been used in a large variety of settings in the private and public sectors over the globe. The main three broad sectors of application are Academic research, Public Health and Market Research described below. The accuracy of Onolytics has been validated through robust external controlled tests published in top academic journals.

Academic Research

The success of Onolytics classi cation has been enhanced by robust academic validation in many fields of scholarly research:

  • Computer Science and Social Media Economics
  • Entrepreneurship and Management
  • Public Health
  • Epidemiology, and Healthcare
  • Politics and Elections
  • Discrimination in Education and Housing


In the areas of Public Health, Healthcare, and Epidemiology, Onolytics is an ideal solution to add ethnic classification data to various types of patient data:

  • Patient Records
  • Hospital Admission Records
  • Morbidity/Mortality Databases

Many of these health applications have been published in peer reviewed academic papers demonstrating Onolytics contributions to health researchers


Market research

In a multicultural world, understanding ethnicity of customers is crucial for business and marketing decisions. Onolytics data can enhance your market research.

  • Better understand customer behavior and buying preferences
  • Target marketing campaigns to appropriate consumers
  • Design and market products and services to target ethnic groups
  • Measure effectiveness of marketing campaigns by ethnic classification
  • Measure social media engagement
  • Measure and adjust communications channels to reach desired markets
  • Measure progress towards creating expanded markets for products and services

There are have been many other applications of Onolytics in: Survey sampling, finance and banking, human resources, demographics, IT, artificial intelligence, voice recognition, call centers, genetics, education, NGOs, etc. Contact us to let us know your intended use and we can discuss with you how Onolytics can be best used for your particular application