This segmentation adds value to their organizations by revealing hidden patterns in their needs, behavior or outcomes. And all you need to do this is a list of people’s forenames and surnames, and a simple piece of software: Onolytics.

The Issue: Understanding Diversity

Most companies, government organizations, NGOs and other institutions have growing needs to understand the cultural and ethnic diversity in today’s increasingly multicultural societies.

Useful Data

Despite accumulating large customer databases with rich demographic and transaction information, organizations are unable to glean useful multicultural insights from these Big Data without having to ask individuals about their ethnicity.

Our Product

Onolytics comes to help by offering a simple, reliable and well-tested methodology to classify populations by ethnicity through their personal names.

Ethnicity Segmentation

Suddenly, millions of people in your database become classified by a proxy for ethnicity at a fraction of the cost of having to collect new data about them.